H2OFagerholt was established in 2019, which began as a season collab between H2O Sportswear and Julie Fagerholt. The collab then resulted into H2OFagerholt, a fashion house that has its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark.  

H2OFagerholt embodies the belief that one shouldn’t have to choose between functionality and aesthetics. Its collections are meticulously designed to highlight urban elegance. The designs seamlessly blend into the vibrant pulse of the aspirational contemporary life. The garments are intentionally created with premium materials for a Scandinavian style, with a feeling of wrapping your body in a gentle embrace. 


Our Creative Director, Julie Fagerholt and Ideas Manager, Bex Fagerholt started Fagerholt Designs as an independent entity. After the collab, Michael Lillelund, CEO and co-owner, took over the reins to expand the business to international horizons and further the ambitions of the brand.