in Sep 21, 2022


This Autumn Winter 2022 collection, is a story about the people we love, the stories we share and the moments we search for. A question of what we are going to wear.

This, collection is the definition of ready to wear; an elegance of the simple. We now have more adventures to come. We are exploring, meeting strangers and loved ones again and we made sure that this collection is playing the right part in your daily routine, without having to think about it.

That’s the simplicity of this collection; It’s about you. You don’t have to think too much about it, just live more. So, pick out an outfit and tell us the story of your experience in it; Which pieces made you smile.

I think that the decisions we made for this collection is a step further from our last, as we are now stepping out of “lockdown” and out into the world again, and the collection reflects this very well. The way we style ourself today and going forward is with comfort in the back of our mind. So, we made a collection that is city-life combined with functionality. As Bex mentioned; this collection is the definition of ready-to-wear.

– Julie Fagerholt and Bex Fagerholt says.

Key pieces

  • Cata Pants, Aluminum
  • Maria Jacket, Indigo Blue
  • Gad Jacket, Medium Denim Blue
  • Gad Pants, Medium Denim Blue
  • Amoure Pile Jacket, Light Elephant
  • Bex Pullover, Baby Brown
  • Stephanie Jacket, Warm Khaki
  • Jet Sweat Hoodie, Camouflage
  • Jet Sweat Pants, Camouflage
  • Baby Mama Jacket, Brown


About H2OFagerholt

Founded in 2018, Julie Fagerholt and Bex Fagerholt joined forces with H2O Sportwear filling in the gap between advanced leisure wear and fashion. The companies head quarters are located in Aarhus and with a small creative office in Copenhagen. H2OFagerholt retails in 12 countries internationally.